Skyforge Tips


Playing in Skyforge? Need some guidance?

No, I won’t play an expert on Skyforge, don’t worry. I ordered some links for guides in English for further use and will update them when needed.

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First Impression: Skyforge


Skyforge is a new Russian free to play MMORPG. The EU/NA Open Beta has started just a month ago, on 16th July 2015. I have started playing it a week (or so) later, and still have “lowlevel” character. This will be my impression of the game by a player of around 2500 prestige. The new update had a content mainly aimed at characters with over 30.000 prestige.

Story and World

SkyforgeGods have left Aelion, your home planet, which became vulnerable and open to alien attacks. You were once a mortal, but after experiencing (near ?) death situation, you became an Immortal. On your path to become a god, you will have to help many people. Most often, you will find them quite hostile to you, blaming you for all the evil in the world and always being too late. Fear not, there are those who are grateful and even start to worship you, even before you truly become a great God.

I definitely wanted to be a God.

The world ingame is a mix of science fiction and fantasy with ancient Greek flavour. It’s a very nice idea. As for play, the world is mostly instanced. You can teleport everywhere from just one place.

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Skyforge Update: Crucible of Gods


SkyforgeSkyforge is a new sf MMORPG that went into Open Beta in EU/NA region on 16 July 2015. Not the whole month later – on 11 August 2015 – there will be the first update to the game.

What differentiates Skyforge from other games is that there is no “max level”. Instead of levels player characters have levels of prestige. The highest prestige characters are over 44000. The update is aimed towards high-end characters, having around 30500 prestige. Which means that today less than 300 people would be able to play it. The numbers I have taken from Skyforge statistics.

Being the lowlevel player I’m not too excited about this update. Except for one thing – the scaling of prestige in teams, allowing players to party together despite the prestige levels differences. Last night, having 1700 prestige I couldn’t help with a quest (in open region) a friend whose character had 350 prestige. I’m waiting for this part of update eagerly.

Divine Form (God Form), Alien invasions, Anomalies, Distortions and Raids all sounds great, but for now it’s beyond my reach. The closes to my prestige range updates (2990 and 4530) are PvP oriented – small and big fights and regular PvP events (3 times a day). That could be an interesting change, I didn’t PvP much in this game so far. The rewards for completing squad adventures (1-3 players) will be a weapon of rare quality, which sounds great.

There are some minor updates – fixing bugs – that will improve the gameplay. Better have this update than not. 😉

Read full Skyforge patch notes.

Do you play Skyforge? Are you waiting for the update?