Review: Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul is a free to play MMORPG developed by Nvius and published in EU/NA by Aeria Games. It is the very first game that I’ll fully review on this blog. My main is lvl 60 (max lvl), I’m playing both PvE and PvP but I haven’t cleared the 100% of the game.

Graphics and Sound

Echo of SoulCharacter creation isn’t too advanced like in Blade and Soul but it offers at least: hair, face, eyes, tattoos and body customisation.

Graphics and music are nice, but repetitive after a while. Sometimes you have this deja vu feeling when you go to some locations. The NPC are repetitive too.

Skills look great. A good thing is that you can change displaying the characters to default model and switch off the skill animations, making it easier to fight in a raid or PvP. Muting sound is not advised – there are sound warnings/notifications, useful when fighting bosses.

The game starts with a BOOM, you’re in a war-torn region and you see how the world changes after you actions (although suddenly). It quickly ends, unfortunately. The history is often shown in cinematics, but luckily there isn’t too many of them and you can stop them.

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